I would like to share my Taekwondo story with you.  My name is Linda and I started off being a “TKD” mom.  My daughter took her first lesson and fell in love with TKD.  I watched my daughter learn how to do so many things and my heart swelled with pride as she got better and better.

I can remember thinking, wow, I wish I were younger and could do all the moves myself.  Deep down I felt that I couldn’t.  At 54, overweight, out of shape, and dealing with a pinched nerve in my neck I convinced myself that I could never do it.  Master Tiger Thompson, Master of the school, approached me one evening and said, “why don’t you give TKD a try”.  Trying to hide my fears, I politely said maybe someday I would.  I knew deep down that I would never be able to do TKD in a million years.  I went home that evening thinking to myself, maybe I should give it a try – so I did!  I realized very quickly that Master Thompson was not going to give up on me.  He saw something in me I didn’t realize to begin with.  I had an extraordinarily strong passion for Martial Arts. I began going one day a week, and being the shy person that I am, and still very much out of shape I felt that that was sufficient.  Within a few months, I began going two days a week.  I began to drop some weight and noticed that my energy level was better – and – learning some really cool kicks intrigued me to go more often. I started to learn more about TKD.  The kicks, punches, self-defense, and so much more.  I continued dropping weight, and my balance became much better.  I was getting stronger, more confident, and my neck did not bother me as much.  The more I learned the stronger my passion for TKD became.  I never would have believed in a million years that I would be doing TKD at my age, lose over 70 pounds, have greater balance, and become stronger both mentally and physically. I began learning the system of body exercises, self-defense, counter attacks, and using my hands and feet as weapons and for defense.  Learning the system of blocks, kicks, and punches, has been absolutely amazing.  I even surprised myself that I could do all of this.  Martial Arts has been so inspirational that I wanted to share my journey with others.  I didn’t realize at the time that anyone, regardless of age can learn to succeed in TKD.  If I can do it, anyone can.  My daughter and I are still going strong thanks to Master Thompson and Miss Kristin.  Their devotion, professionalism, and patience, have given my daughter and myself the confidence that we can do anything we set our minds to.  We look forward to continuing this exciting journey.

"Master Thompson is a very passionate instructor, who actually enjoys teaching. Firm, but without intimidating or belittling his students. Kids learn discipline, respect for others, and to always keep challenging themselves." - Heidi, mother of student

"My grandaughter Desia has been in this school and doing a great job. She really enjoys doing Taewondo and I'm so proud of everything she learned and accomplished. She's a winner!! I'm so Proud!!" - Eileen Meeks